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Stone Age was founded in 1992 in Vicenza (Veneto), the most important and ancient area of the Italian gold industry. Since its early years of activity, Stone Age has stood out for its experienced selection of raw materials, and for the immediate cooperation with the most well-known Italian gold companies, always addressing its sales to wholesalers.


Stone Age embodies a manufacture philosophy in which attention to details, quality of fabrication, and the importance of ‘Made in Italy’ for jewellery production, are paramount.

Our professionals are always particularly aware of changes in market needs, through constant proposals for new shapes and materials, and high level of technological know-how.

Due to our twenty years experience we are able to keep an excellent quality, and at the same time, becoming a price leader.


Our products have enjoyed for decades a considerable degree of appeal, in Italy but especially abroad, due to a strong distributive policy, always devoted to punctuality and efficiency.

Each stage of the industrial production takes place within the factory, providing with a flexible management in terms of customization of the products and overall amount. Nevertheless, the sartorial characteristics of the outcome do not depart from the quality which has guaranteed, so far, its success.